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Wood Fence Installation Projects

Wood fencing is perfect for providing extra privacy and security to your home, or just adding a stylish touch to your property. There are options available to suit all tastes – but installing a wood fence on your own can be a long, labor-intensive task. Call in the professionals, and you’ll have peace of mind and a brand new wood fence that's built to last.

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Wood fence installation costs

So, how much does a wood fence cost? The answer varies depending on the height and length you require, as well as the type of wood you choose and whether you need additional features such as a gate. The average cost of a wood fence that’s six-foot tall is between $1,500 and $2,000*.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of wood fence are available?
Options range from the traditional picket fence – ideal for decorative use – to weave fencing, which is perfect for adding privacy or fencing off different areas. Other choices include convex fences, which feature a stylish rounded top, and stockade fences, with solid panels that are great for added security.
Is pine or cedar better for a wood fence?
Pressure-treated pine is a hugely popular choice because of its low cost, but it requires regular maintenance, including repainting or staining every few years. Cedar tends to last longer than pine and won't need as much work, but it is more expensive. One option is to use pressure-treated pine for your fence posts and choose cedar or cypress for the rest.
What are the benefits of a redwood fence?
Redwood is one of the most popular choices for wood fences because it isn’t susceptible to insect damage or rot and has a beautiful color. However, you will need to apply a wood stain, ideally clear as this will help preserve its natural appearance. If your fence is exposed to constant freezing and thawing, redwood may become damaged over time. A local wood fence installation company will be well-placed to recommend the right option.
What’s the most environmentally friendly type of wood fence?
Bamboo is a cheap and durable alternative to wood and can add a distinctive look to your home. It’s resistant to insects and can last for a decade or more if it’s properly cared for but needs sealant and waterproof coating before it can be installed.

Wood fence types


Pressure-treated pine is one of the most popular options for fencing and is reasonably cheap, at around $5 to $7* per linear foot excluding installation.



Slightly more expensive than pine, a cedar fence can cost between $8 and $10* per linear foot.


Black locust

At around $12* per linear foot, black locust wood is a strong and durable but slightly more expensive option for your fence.


White oak


One of the most expensive choices for wood fencing, white oak can cost anywhere from $10 to $50* per linear foot.



*Cost estimates referenced are sourced from HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List and other national home improvement websites

Get Wood Fence Installation Projects Quotes

Get quotes from local companies and compare prices.